What in The World Does The Time period “Stick” Imply in Golf?

What in The World Does The Term “Stick” Mean in Golf?

I’ll always remember the primary time I heard “stick” on the golf course.

It was my first stay spherical, and one among my taking part in companions mentioned, “be sure you are lined up with the stick.” I nodded however had no thought what he was speaking about.

In the event you’ve had the same expertise, don’t really feel unhealthy. Golf has a ton of slang phrases, and no one is aware of all of them once they first begin taking part in.

On this put up, we’ll break down what “stick ” and another in style slang phrases in golf.


What’s a Stick in Golf?

“Stick” really has fairly just a few meanings on the golf course. Let’s checklist every of the meanings and briefly describe every. You could be shocked to be taught {that a} stick may very well be an individual or an object.


That is in all probability how the time period “stick” is mostly used. In our above instance, my taking part in companion was referring to the flagstick on the inexperienced. I wasn’t lined up correctly for my method shot, and he was attempting to right my stance.

For those who don’t know, a flag on a stick is positioned into the outlet on every placing inexperienced to provide golfers a reference level to have a look at earlier than hitting their pictures. People could discuss with the flagstick as “the pin.”

Scratch Golfer

One other that means of the phrase stick is a scratch golfer. A scratch participant is somebody who has a handicap of zero. Which means that on most events, they shoot par, no matter how difficult the course could also be.

Somebody could ask, “Is John a good golfer?” A typical reply can be, “John’s a stick.” This may imply you wouldn’t need to play in opposition to John for cash.

Golf Membership

Stick can be brief for a golf membership. The phrases are sometimes used interchangeably. As a substitute of asking somebody what membership they’re hitting, you’ll be able to say, “What stick you bought?”

Right here’s a enjoyable reality for you… Golf golf equipment had been initially referred to as golf sticks as a result of the Church of Scotland frowned upon golfing on Sundays. To get round this, golfers would disguise their golf golf equipment as strolling sticks!

Sort of Golf Spherical

You could hear the phrase “off the stick” thrown round on the golf course. Which means that not one of the golfers’ handicaps will probably be thought of when preserving rating.

In easy phrases, the golfer with the bottom rating wins the spherical. In a event or competitors play, “off the stick” is how the scoring is completed more often than not.


Different Helpful Golf Slang / Phrases to Know

Now that you already know all the various things a golf stick can imply, listed below are just a few extra golf slang phrases which are usually thrown round on the golf or driving vary.

  • Ace: One other phrase for gap in a single!
  • Seashore: A nickname for a sand bunker.
  • Buzzard: One other title for double bogey (two over par).
  • Fairway: Most golfers discuss with the green because the “brief stuff” or the “brief grass”.
  • Fly the Inexperienced: Hitting a ball utterly over the inexperienced.
  • Fried Egg: When the golf ball is so badly buried within the sand lure that you would be able to solely see the highest half of it.
  • Gimme: A putt that’s so brief that every one opponents within the group received’t even make you hit it.
  • Inexperienced: Lovingly referred to as the “dance flooring” by some of us.
  • Hacker: A nickname for a excessive handicapper or a golfer with out a lot expertise.
  • Lay Up: Selecting to hit the ball wanting the inexperienced if going for it’s deemed too dangerous of a shot.
  • Mulligan: That is the place you get to re-hit after a nasty shot. Mulligans are by no means allowed in official tournaments.
  • OB: Quick for whenever you hit a ball out of bounds. The golf course will often have white stakes to function the out of bounds markers.
  • Over the Prime: An improper swing path that always leads to a depraved slice.
  • Putter: Often known as the flat stick.
  • Faucet In: When the ball rests proper close to the outlet. More often than not your buddies will contemplate this a “gimme”.
  • The Suggestions: That is the nickname for the tee field that’s furthest away from the outlet. More often than not, solely scratch golfers or professionals play from the information.
  • Victory Lap: When the golf ball goes all the way in which across the rim of the cup earlier than dropping into the outlet.
  • Watery Grave: A nickname for any sort of water hazard on the golf course.
  • Worm Burner: Ever hit a shot that simply barely (or by no means) will get off the bottom. That’s referred to as a worm burner!
  • Whiff: When a golfer completes a swing however utterly misses the golf ball.
  • Yips: When a golfer can’t appear to make brief putts. It’s usually brought on by considering an excessive amount of, having shaky arms, or each.


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