Tips On How To Simply & Precisely Measure A Putter’s Length

How to Easily and Accurately Measure a Putter’s Length

Many novice golfers are utilizing a putter that’s the incorrect size. Whenever you buy a putter from the cabinets of a golf retailer, it’s possible 34 or 35 inches.

Nonetheless, putter length might have to be custom-made relying in your top, putting stroke fashion, and arm size.

Let’s check out how one can simply and precisely measure the length of a putter and the way to ensure it’s the proper choice to your top.

Does Putter Length Matter?

Putter length will decide the accuracy of your posture in addition to the swing arc. Without the correct putter size, you can see that your putts are very inconsistent.

Swing Arc

When you might have the proper length putter, the middle of the putter sits flat on the bottom. When a putter is just too lengthy, the heel of the putter rests on the bottom with the toe of the putter up within the air. For putters which are too brief, you’ll discover the toe being down on the bottom whereas the heel may very well be up within the air.

When you might have the putter setup, and it’s not flat on the bottom, count on it to influence the best way you swing the club again. Some golfers will discover the putter comes extra inside or outdoors primarily based on the best way the putter sits at setup.


The posture of a golfer is essential when putting. One of many main checkpoints in an ideal putting stroke is guaranteeing that your eyes are over the golf ball. When eyes are over the golf ball, it turns into doable to correctly analyze the goal line.


For golfers to make constant putts, they want a putter that’s correctly fitted to their putting stroke, top, and elegance. The factor to recollect is that there’s fairly a little bit of precision in a putting stroke, and with out the correct putter, accuracy turns into troublesome.

Tips on how to Measure a Putter’s Length

Measuring the length of the putter doesn’t should be a giant undertaking. Nonetheless, it’s actually simpler to get a big 48 inch ruler to finish this course of.

Step 1: Collect Materials

To correctly measure a putter, you have to a flat floor (the ground is okay), an extended 48 inch ruler, and your putter.

Step 2: Place The Putter

To get the proper measurement of your putter, you have to place it with it resting flat on the bottom. Some golfers battle with putters being the mistaken length and the heel or toe positioned up or down; nonetheless, whenever you measure, lay the putter flat.

Step 3: Measure

Take your ruler and put it down on the bottom on the heel of the putter. From right here, it’s best to be capable of maintain the shaft of the putter as near the measuring stick as doable. In case your putter has a slight angle to it, maintain the measuring machine near that angle.

Step 4: Read The Measurement

The putter length is the quantity that you just see on the high of the ruler the place the butt finish of the putter matches up on the ruler. For many golfers, that is going to be between 33 and 35 inches. Makes positive to measure the putter to the highest of the grip and that the middle of your putter head remains to be on the bottom.

Most Widespread Lengths for Putters

The three most typical lengths for putters are 33, 34, and 35 inch putters, Every of those is designed for golfers of various heights and gamers that even have various arm lengths.

33 Inch Putter

The 33 inch putter is commonly discovered within the golf bag of a girl golfer. Most ladies’s golf units are offered with a 33 inch putter that’s inventory and customary. One of many nice issues about this shorter putter shaft is that you’ll really feel some added control on shorter putts.

Some golfers prefer to have a bit extra bend of their stance when they’re putting. They may usually get nearer to the ball to enhance consistency and create a clean stroke. Even tall gamers can use a 33 inch putter in the event that they discover it to be the fitting consolation degree and consistency.

34 Inch Putter

The 34 inch putter is the usual length putter. Most golfers on the PGA Tour use a 34 inch putter, and virtually all choices on the market available on the market are available in a 34 inch model.

One of many nice issues a couple of 34 inch putter is that it really works for a variety of gamers that may take into account themselves to be common top.

35 Inch Putter

The 35 inch putter is for golfers which are tall. More often than not, gamers which are utilizing this putter are 6’1″ or taller. Stomach putters will, after all be longer than these 35 inch putters, however that additionally brings up the concept of a wholly totally different sort of putting stroke.

When you have a 35 inch putter that does appear to be too lengthy for you, there’s all the time the opportunity of reducing it down. With counter balanced putters, you should be cautious as to how the lower in shaft length will influence the texture of the club in your palms.

For these with a premium putter seeking to keep or enhance upon efficiency, taking your putter to an expert to have it fitted is probably going one of the best answer.

Customized Length Putter

The USGA guidelines of golf are fairly lenient relating to putter size. In the event you discover a 30 inch putter or a 37 inch putter is a greater match for you, you’ll be allowed. So long as your putter falls between 18 and 48 inches, will probably be thought-about authorized.

Fast Tips To Figuring Out Which Putter Length Is Proper for You

To find out the correct putter size, you may undergo a customized putter becoming utilizing launch displays focused explicitly in direction of a putting stroke. Nonetheless, for many golfers, this is a little more than is critical to get a basic thought of the length of a putter that may give probably the most success.

For a fast estimate primarily based in your top, you should utilize the chart under. This may show our level that the 34 inch putter works fairly effectively for the typical top participant. In the event you see that you just fall inside a ½ inch of the present length of your putter, chances are high you’re effective to proceed utilizing it.

Nonetheless, when you find yourself off by an inch or extra, that could be time to get a putter becoming and have your putter length adjusted. Additionally, take into account that arm size, in addition to your typical setup and stance, can play into this resolution.

To search out out extra details about figuring out the correct putter length by top, take a look at our full article on putter length by top right here.

Player Height Putter Length
Lower than 5’0” 32”
5’0” to five’2” 32.5”
5’2” to five’4” 33”
5’4” to five’6” 33.5”
5’6” to five’8” 34”
5’8” to six’0” 34.5”
6’0” to six’2” 35”
6’2” to six’4” 35.5”
6’4”+ 36”

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