Sand vs Pitching Wedge: Variations, Pros & Cons, When to Use

Sand vs. Pitching Wedge: Differences, Pros & Cons, When to Use

With how the lofts have been modified in golf equipment, gamers carry extra wedges than ever. It’s arduous to discover a golfer not using a sand wedge and a pitching wedge in their bag. Nevertheless, some golfers don’t know the way to use these wedges.

Have you ever stood over a golf ball and had no concept of whether or not to make use of your sand wedge or pitching wedge? When you’ve got it, we have now all of the solutions you want.

As a lot, as I like my sand wedge, I’ve been utilizing my pitching wedge increasingly. From the best scenario and lie, there’s nothing fairly just like the simplicity of a pitching wedge shot.

Overview of a Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the membership that bridges the hole between the wedge and the irons within the bag. With the loft of a pitching wedge, it’s straightforward to get a golf ball up in the air, and it occurs to be some of the forgiving irons within the bag.

Sand wedges are sometimes thought about by the membership to make use of to get out of the bunker. However, the sand wedge is greater than this. With a sand wedge, you may hit excessive lofted strategy photographs, get loads of spin in your chips and pitches and turn into a correct brief recreation participant.

Variations Between a Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge

The fundamental idea of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge is identical. The concept is to make use of this golf equipment to get the ball near the opening and guarantee decreased scores. Nevertheless, there are some clear variations in the way in which these golf equipment are designed, and it’ll influence general playability.


The usual loft on a pitching wedge will differ relying on the producer. Count on seeing that the loft can vary from round 43 levels to 47 levels on the pitching wedge. Golf iron units designed for decreased handicap gamers can have the next loft, much less forgiveness, and a bit extra workability.

For the upper handicappers, anticipate the loft to be decreased to assist promote the whole distance. As well as, the membership will in all probability be extra forgiving, have a decreased heart of gravity, and be straightforward to hit straight.


More often than not, the pitching wedge is barely longer than the sand wedge. A pitching wedge encourages a bit of additional distance; it could be as a lot as 20 yards distinction between the sand wedge and the pitching wedge, relying on the membership’s specs.

Shaft Variations

Many pitching wedges have a shaft that matches the iron units. The sand wedge usually has a wedge flex shaft that’s not a match to the remainder of the golf equipment within the bag. That is why it’s necessary to get customized fittings accomplished and perceive what goes into getting your golf equipment to have constant efficiency.

Grooves & Spin

A pitching wedge and sand wedge have grooves designed to assist a golf ball cease the place you need it.

The sand wedges are likely to have a tighter groove construction, and on lots of occasions, the grooves themselves are deeper. With deep grooves, extra particles could be channeled away from the face making it simpler to cease the ball on the inexperienced when hitting out of the tough.

Membership Head Shaping

The pitching wedge is extra more likely to match the irons that you’ve in your set. The sand wedge often appears a bit extra like a blade model.

I just like the blade-style sand wedges, and I don’t thoughts that they appear different than the irons within the set. With the blade model, I generally am a bit extra aggressive in sure photographs, and it offers me some confidence in my brief recreation.

The sand wedge model helps enhance the general trajectory of brief photographs and eliminates chunking, digging, or thinning of photographs.

Pros and Cons of a Sand Wedge

Now that you have a greater concept of what a sand wedge is and the way it differs from a pitching wedge let’s check out the positives and negatives of the sand wedge.


  • Nice for brief photographs across the inexperienced
  • One of much highest-lofted golf equipment within the bag
  • Clear vanguard
  • Excessive ranges of spin, even without taking a full swing
  • It may be some of the correct golf equipment within the bag


  • Not essentially the most forgiving golf membership within the bag
  • Distance capabilities should not nice
  • It may be powerful to hit clear if course situations and grass are tight

Pros and Cons of a Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge has been and at all times shall be one in every of my favorite golf equipment in my bag. The pitching wedge is likely one of the first golf equipment I train golfers to make use of as a result of you being able to do a lot with it. Pitching wedges can get you out of bother, enhance general consistency, and generally is a useful gizmo across the greens.


  • Very straightforward to hit
  • Excessive-lofted membership for getting gamers out of bother
  • Sufficient backspin to cease a golf ball on the inexperienced
  • A terrific choice for bump and run kind golf photographs
  • Can match your irons or your wedges for versatility


  • Relying on the irons you’ve gotten, it may be a bit cumbersome
  • The pitching wedge loft is usually not excessively sufficient for a bunker shot
  • Gained not have as a lot of backspin because the highest-lofted golf equipment

When to Use Every Membership

As you may see, the pitching wedge and the sand wedge are each necessary golf equipment. I might go so far as to say {that a} golf set without each golf equipment is just not a whole set. Nevertheless, understanding when to make use of every membership could be difficult.

Golfers are likely to get snug with one membership over another, then overuse it. Listed below are a number of the finest methods to make use of a pitching and sand wedge.

high handicap bunker drills

Bunker Pictures

Bunker photographs require the ball to get a bit larger within the air, which is why I might solely use the sand wedge from a bunker. Sand wedges make it significantly simpler to get a ball out of sand due to the broader sole.

The bounce on the sand wedge cuts by way of the turf fairly properly and encourages the next ball flight and the power to get the ball to cease on the inexperienced.

Elevated Inexperienced

Elevated golf inexperienced requires a membership with extra loft. After I’m hitting a chip or a pitch to a gap larger than me, I’m extra possible to make use of a sand wedge.

After all, I like to recommend analyzing the lie in addition to the boldness within the shot that must be hit, however, to an elevated inexperienced, the additional loft ly a little bit of a better option.

Typically for those who use the pitching wedge in this scenario, the ball received not make it as much as the inexperienced, and it may even roll again down and farther from the opening.

Pin in The Again – Ball at The Method

When a pin is at the back of the inexperienced, you should have the room to hit a decreased shot that rolls a bit greater than it flies. In this scenario, it makes extra sense to hit a pitching wedge. It’s a lot simpler to regulate the shot, preserve it rolling alongside the bottom, and get the result nearer to the opening.

After I hit any such shot,amare likely to preserve the stroke simply, virtually like a placing stroke, choke up on the membership, and hit it shut.

Longer Greenside Bunker Pictures

Though the sand wedge tends to be the membership of alternative for photographs out of the sand, that is actually for the bunkers closest to the inexperienced. The pitching wedge could be a greater shot in case you are a bit additional away from the opening.

You possibly can take a smaller swing and get a barely higher trajectory with the pitching wedge. Watch out that the lip of the bunker is just not extremely excessive; this may trigger points with utilizing the pitching wedge.

what is a flyer in golf

Thick Tough

It’s very tough to get the correct spin launch and management from golf wedges when you’re hitting out of the tough. Tough is tough; it grabs the membership, will get in the way in which of the grooves and dimples on the ball, and finally ends up inflicting you to lose accuracy.

Nevertheless, when golf wedges are designed, the sand wedge does a greater job of managing touchup than the pitching wedge.

In truth, typically, even after I’m hitting out of the tough, I can nonetheless get a ball to cease on the inexperienced after I use the sand wedge. I count plan fa or slightly extra rollout, nevertheless, ess it’s nonetheless attainable to cease it.

Thick tough cause points with membership head rotation as properly, and the sand wedge tends to carry up high in this scenario.

Method Pictures

The sand wedge and pitching wedge can each work in strategy photographs. tendency to take a look at how far I’ve into the opening after which select a golf membership accordingly. For longer approaches, I exploit the pitching wedge for e, for shorter ones, I exploit the sand wedge.

Needless to, say it usually makes extra sense when you may preserve the ball decrease. If there isn’t a bother between me and the pin, I’ll usually use a half swing on the pitching wedge as a substitution for a full swing on the sand wedge.

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