Rating The 7 Finest Golf Shafts for Irons [2023 Edition]

Ranking The 7 Best Golf Shafts for Irons [2023 Edition]

Shafts are sometimes forgotten within the recreation enhancement dialog, as they’re overshadowed by the work of the club head and face. In this submit, we modify the narrative and handle one of the best golf shafts for irons. I’ll clarify how they influence your launch, ball pace, shot dispersion, and swing pace.

After placing them via their paces and reviewing the info, we had our seven finest iron shafts for 2023. I’ve coated all bases, together with choices for gradual, average, and quick swing speeds. Plus, you have got one of the best woman’s and junior’s shafts to stay up for.

(On the topic, I have a must-read article for sooner swing speeds that it is best to bookmark for later. Study the ins and outs of stiff vs additional stiff iron shafts.)

7 Finest Golf Shafts for Irons

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX – Finest For Reasonable Swing Pace

Finest for Reasonable Swing Speeds

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX Iron Shaft Set

Designed to supply most distance and management for all participant sorts. Recoil Expertise offers optimum spring impact within the partitions of the shaft and an extra power switch to the ball for elevated velocity and distance.

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  • Promotes fast-ball pace
  • Better spring within the partitions of the shaft
  • Fits common swing speeds
  • Promotes excessive ball flight
  • Encourages optimum carry distance


  • Costly
  • It doesn’t swimsuit sooner swing speeds

The UST Mamiya Recoil are excellent graphite shafts for beginner golfers with an average swing pace, starting from 80 to 95 mph. Engineers constructed the 460 ESX shaft with common flex to spice up the power switch at influence.

I discovered that Recoil Expertise is the star characteristic of the shaft as a result of its inspired elevated spring within the partitions of the shaft. This boosted the power switch from the clubface to the golf ball at contact, prompting accelerated ball pace for max distance.

You’ll discover that the fast velocity and managed spin prompts an average to excessive launch for constant carry distance together with your iron golf equipment. Lastly, UST Mamiya means that the 460 ESX accommodates 4.7 levels of torque, resulting in elevated flex throughout your swing, which might produce erratic outcomes.

Fujikura Professional Sequence 95i – Finest Graphite Iron Shafts

Finest Graphite Shafts

Fujikura New PRO Series 95i Graphite Iron Shafts

Is available in a set of 5 shafts. Supplied in three flex choices: common, stiff, and additional stiff In addition to the flex choices, these shafts are constructed to ship medium spin and launch.

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  • Delicate feel
  • The mild building encourages an accelerated clubhead pace
  • Customizable for a tough or delicate step process
  • Inexpensive per unit for graphite shafts
  • Constructed for average to quick swing pace


  • The shafts don’t swimsuit slower swing speeds
  • They’re nonetheless dearer than metal shafts

The Fujikura Pro Series 95i is my best choice for one of the best graphite iron shafts, due to the collection of flex profiles, sturdiness, and glare-resistant end. Fujikura gives the Professional Sequence 95i in three flex choices, common, stiff, and additional stiff, making them excellent for average to quick swing speeds.

In addition to the flex choices, these shafts are constructed to ship medium spin and launch. Consequently, the ship managed ball flight on method.

Moreover, the engineers created them to permit for a tough or delicate step. For instance, a tough step represents inserting a 7-iron iron shaft in a 6-iron head. Conversely, a delicate step requires setting a 6-iron shaft in a 7-iron clubhead.

Using Excessive-Density Composite Core (HDCC) enhances the shaft’s sturdiness, and it lightens the mass to advertise a fast membership pace. Once you mix a rampant clubhead with a medium launch, you produce a managed shot with optimum distance and spin.

Lastly, the HDCC materials work wonders for suggestions, because it eliminates undesirable vibrations that run up the shaft on off-center strikes. Subsequently, it protects your arms for a clean, nice really feel.

KBS TGI Tour – Finest for Seniors

Finest for Seniors

KBS TGI Tour 60 Graphite Iron Senior Flex Golf Shaft

Weight designates flex: 60 Gram Newbie / Senior Flex. Swing Pace: 65mph – 70mph w/ 6-iron.

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  • Mid to excessive launch
  • Encourages elevated membership head pace
  • Produces constant distance
  • Particularly constructed for seniors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Costly
  • It’s too versatile for average swing speeds

The KBS TGI Tour shafts with a senior flex profile are graphite constructions designed to offer older gamers better management on the golf course. The engineers labored to cut backspin and launch for better distance in your mid and lengthy irons.

I observed that the 60-gram building was mild sufficient to spice up membership head pace, and the mid to low kick level delivered ample peak on my pictures. As well as the similarity in play to a metal iron shaft offers superior management in comparison with different graphite designs.

Moreover, you’ll discover that the KBS TGI Tour includes a mid to low kick level, which prompts ample peak for improved distance consistency. Lastly, solely golfers with a 6-iron swing pace ought to take into consideration these shafts.

True Mood Dynamic Gold AMT S300 – Finest For Quick Swing Speeds

Finest for Quick Swing Speeds

True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Iron Shaft Set S300

Metal shafts that supply restricted flex and excessive kick level for a low launch. Is available in a set for 3-PW irons.

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  • Promotes a low trajectory
  • Lowers spin
  • Boosts ball pace
  • Fits sooner swingers with an average tempo
  • Inexpensive


  • The stiff flex might trigger some gamers to supply low trajectory
  • The elevated mass might gradually your swing pace down

Amateurs who swing a 6-iron between 84 and 91 mph are thought-about sooner swingers and are finest fitted to stiff shafts. The True Temper New Dynamic Gold S300 are metal shafts that supply restricted flex and excessive kick level for a low launch.

The decreased flex of the shaft enhances the steadiness of the clubhead into influence, guaranteeing low spin to ship your ball alongside a piercing trajectory. You’ll discover that this encourages optimum roll as soon as your golf ball touches down.

Lastly, True Mood means that the Dynamic Gold AMT S300 works for skilled gamers with an average tempo.

True Mood Undertaking X Rifle 6.0 .355 – Finest For Low Handicappers and Professionals

Finest for Low Handicappers

True Temper Project X Flighted Steel Tapered

Shaft weight: 120 grams. Devoted size for a particular person’s iron or wedge.

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  • Reasonably reasonably priced
  • Penetrating ball flight
  • Restricted flex at the influence
  • Elevated roll
  • Low spin


  • The low launch can result in inconsistent outcomes for slower swingers
  • The heavier design causes you to lose clubhead pace

Low handicappers and professionals with a sooner swing pace will respect the additional stiff building of the True Temper Project X Rifle 6.0 .355 shaft. True Mood constructed these for the gamers who generate over 92 mph of clubhead pace with a 6-iron.

The Stepless Design Expertise (SDT) was my spotlight as a result of it ensured optimum power switch at contact. I discovered this produced rampant velocity and optimum size. As well as I discovered that the expertise prompted a strong really feel when the clubface struck the golf ball.

Moreover, you’ll see that pictures with these excessive kick-level iron shafts encourage a flat, penetrating ball flight for improved management and elevated roll. Lastly, these shafts manage spin for optimum flight, size, and roll.

Mitsubishi MMT 50 – Finest Golf Shaft For Girls

Finest Girls Shafts

Mitsubishi MMT 50 Iron Golf Shaft

The expertise in these shafts elevates the density and stability regardless of the shaft possessing 5.9 degrees of torque, which ends up in elevated twisting throughout your swing.

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  • Light-weight and straightforward to swing
  • Prompts a mid to excessive launch
  • Affords an improved really feel
  • Amplifies acoustics
  • Optimum spring into influence for accelerated ball pace


  • Costly in comparison with metal shafts
  • The lighter design could cause some gamers to balloon pictures

The Mitsubishi MMT 50 is the best woman’s shaft flex which gives a light-weight building that encourages fast swing pace and constant outcomes. You’ll discover that Mitsubishi developed this shaft for these gamers who swing a 6-iron beneath 65 mph.

I observed that the MMT 50 was crafted utilizing metallic mesh materials. As well as the engineers took it a step additional to incorporate Metallic Mesh Expertise. The expertise elevates the density and stability regardless of the shaft possessing 5.9 degrees of torque, which ends up in elevated twisting throughout your swing.

Moreover, I loved a mid-to-high launch, led to by the mid-to-low kick level. This made it simple to launch my pictures and guarantee ample carry distance. In total, it’s an appropriate iron shaft for slower swing speeds.

KBS 560 – Finest For Juniors

Finest Junior Shafts

KBS 560 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft

These shafts are specifically constructed for kids within the improvement part of their golf careers.

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  • They assist juniors transition to grownup golf equipment
  • Delivers a managed launch
  • Prompts accelerated ball velocity
  • Encourages most distance
  • They work with grownup clubheads


  • The stiffness of the shaft might show extreme for some juniors to launch
  • The low launch might lead slower swinging juniors to lose carry distance

We have now coated each sort of golfer apart from the little guys and ladies. The KBS 500 is right in your teen to supply constant distance and accuracy with the irons. These shafts are specifically constructed for kids within the improvement part of their golf careers.

The engineers developed the KBS 560 with two flex choices, together with regular-stiff and common, to cater to all junior swing sorts. You’ll discover that these shafts are reasonably heavier than normal junior shafts, as they’re constructed to function with grownup clubheads.

As well as the elevated mass trains children to swing a grownup membership. Plus, the KBS 560 golf shaft encourages managed flight to stop ballooning pictures and dropping yards. Lastly, these fashions promote a fast ball pace for optimum yardage.

What to Search for in an Iron Shaft


Trendy golf shafts are constructed from two predominant supplies: metal and graphite composite. Metal shafts usually include additional weight in comparison with graphite, and also you’ll discover that they’re extra reasonably priced.

Graphite is the go-to material for hybrids, fairway woods, and driver shafts as a result they forestall further pointless mass. The lighter building of graphite shafts promotes an accelerated swing pace for a strong strike.

You’ll discover that slower swing pace golfers and I get pleasure from graphite iron shafts as a result they make it simple to continuously launch your golf ball.


The flex of your iron shafts impacts their spring main into influence. A girls’ flex is the least stiff possibility and offers the most whip into the ball at contact. You’ll discover this offers a constant ball pace and an excessive launch. These shafts work for golfers who swing a 6-iron beneath 65 mph.

You’ll see that the subsequent versatile possibility is a seniors flex, constructed for older golfers and slow-swinging excessive handicappers. Nonetheless, most amateurs will match into the average pace bracket and carry out the finest with a daily flex shaft.

Lastly, decrease handicappers and tour professionals usually register quick and tremendous quick speeds, setting them up for fulfillment with a stiff or additional stiff shaft. I’ve offered a desk beneath highlighting which shaft flex is correct in your swing.

Lastly, decrease handicappers and tour professionals usually register quick and tremendous quick speeds, setting them up for fulfillment with a stiff or additional stiff shaft. I’ve offered a desk beneath to focus on which shaft flex is correct in your swing.

Shaft Flex vs Swing Pace

Tour Skilled Low Handicapper Mid Handicappers Senior/ Excessive Handicappers Girls
Swing Pace
>92 mph 84 – 91 mph 75 – 83 mph 65 – 75 mph <65 mph
Shaft Flex X Stiff Stiff Common Senior Girls


The extra grams your shaft accommodates, the more durable it turns into to optimize your clubhead pace on the downswing. Nonetheless, further mass can immediate some gamers to activate the mandatory muscle tissue to spice up energy as you transition from the highest of your swing to influence.

Highly effective golfers with sooner swing speeds discover that heavy golf shafts improve stability to ship a managed launch. Conversely, slower golf swingers might wrestle to switch ample power to the ball at influence, producing weak launch with minimal distance.

You’ll discover that the majority of heavy shafts carry stiff or additional stiff flex, making it excellent for greater swing speeds. Quite the opposite, light-weight shafts usually supply elevated flex to help slow-swinging gamers.


The diploma of torque your shafts carry influences the speed of twisting throughout your swing. Subsequently, it has the best bearing on your shot dispersion. Shafts with a decreased torque diploma twist much less and assist golfers to maintain their clubface sq. at contact. Contrarily, an excessive diploma of torque prompts the clubface open at influence, which might produce a slice.

In exams performed by the TPT Golf, they discovered that pictures with greater torque shafts completed properly the goal on most events for right-handers. Conversely, decreased torque iron shafts delivered a dispersion to the left of the goal.

Consequently, it is best to take into consideration a decreased torque shaft in case your ball finishes properly for your goal as a rule.

Kick Level

The ultimate issue to think about is the kick level of a shaft which impacts the elevation of your launch. A shaft gives one in all three kick factors to advertise the optimum launch, flight, and carry distance.

The kind of kick level your shaft possesses depends upon the world that contorts the heaviest throughout your swing. An excessive kick level is currently close to the grip and produces a low launching shot, welcomed by greater swing speeds.

A mid-kick level seems in the course of the shaft and is constructed to propel an impartial launch that fits common swing speeds. Lastly, a low kick level options close to the membership head and bends laboriously into influence, producing a towering launch for slower swing speeds.

In case you are involved that you’re launching the ball too low, attempt shafts with a decreased kick level. Conversely, gamers afraid of ballooning pictures ought to take into account an excessive to mid-design.

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