How To Regrip Your Putter In 8 Easy Steps

Regripping Your Putter: Step-by-Step Instructions

The grip in your putter is simply as vital as every other club within the bag.

In case your grip is slippery or worn, it’s going to influence your stability at influence and the best way the ball roll off the face. The excellent news is, that regripping a putter isn’t tough.

We are going to undergo a step-by-step technique of what it takes to regrip your putter and whether or not you might be able to do this by yourself.

What You Will Need To Regrip Your Putter

To regrip your putter, it’s best to have a small setup in a storage place you could have a workbench and a vice. Nonetheless, in case you don’t have this, you can improvise, however, it’s fairly a bit harder. Listed here are the supplies you will have and the prices that you may anticipate.

  • Vice or workbench to carry the putter in place when you work
  • Hook the blade to drag the previous grip off
  • Rubber shaft protector for vice
  • Grip tape
  • Solvent
  • The brand new golf grip
  • Towel

One of the simplest ways to buy the gear to regrip your putter is to purchase a regripping package. These kits are very inexpensive and have all the pieces in them that you’ll want; as well, you need to use the package repeatedly as you regrip extra of your golf equipment.

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More often than not, the price to regrip a putter will simply be round $8-$12 for the grip, however, the further provides can run you nearly $20 the primary time you regrip the club. Upon getting the provides in place, you are able to do dozens of grip adjustments and never pay something further.

The Best Way to Regrip Your Putter: Step-by-Step Instruction

Following a step-by-step course of for placing a brand new golf grip in your putter ought to take a couple of minutes. As well as, it’s going to in all probability price you about half the value to do that by yourself. The one factor to recollect right here is that we’re involved with each how the brand new grip comes out and your security.

(Should you’re searching for a video tutorial of how one can regrip your putter, yow will discover one on the finish of the step-by-step directions beneath)

Step 1: Put together The Workspace

While you use grip solvent throughout this course of, it will possibly get type of messy. I wish to work on a flooring in a storage the place I’m not fearful about what is going to occur to it. Placing down scrap paper or one thing is one other good different; simply be ready that you could be get somewhat messy.

Don’t put on your favorite golf shirt; put on an previous t-shirt in case you get grip solvent on you.

Step 2: Select a Grip

There are a whole bunch of various grip choices for golfers to select from. You could wish to substitute a grip with precisely what you could have on or change issues up. Consider it or not, the grip you select will influence the best way you putt.

Most golfers like one thing with a flat panel on the entrance, because it permits palms to be positioned in a wide range of methods. Keep in mind that a conventional placing grip is barely totally different from a regular golf grip.

Step 3: Take away The Outdated Grip

Taking the previous grip off of your club is probably the most harmful a part of this course of. A hook blade or field cutter is the very best software to make use of. Make it possible for the golf club is securely positioned within the vice and that there isn’t any club motion.

As well as, all the time make sure that you might be at a protected distance from the hook blade as you pull it up. There isn’t any method to save this grip, so whether it is coming off in items, that’s positive, however it’s finest to drag the blade absolutely up after which peel the grip off.

Step 4: Clear Up The Shaft

The within of the grip, mixed with tape from the earlier grip, will probably depart your golf shaft a little bit of a large number. Typically you possibly can scrape this off with a utility knife, however watch out to not injury the shaft. Different instances a warmth gun and a few mineral spirits can be utilized to take away previous tape remnants.

Step 5: Add Tape

As soon as the grip is cleaned up, you can begin so as to add the layers of tape that you really want beneath your grip. You will need to use double-sided tape, and I wish to put the tape on in a spiral route, shifting up the shaft.

Watch out as to the place you begin the tape, as you don’t need extra overhang of the tape down beneath the bottom of the grip. The extra layers of tape you add, the thicker the grip will probably be. Nonetheless, you gained’t wish to add so many layers that it’s laborious to get a grip on the club.

Usually between one and three layers is customary; you will have not less than one for the grip to stick correctly. While you really feel you could have a adequate quantity of tape, you possibly can then peel off the backing of the double-sided in order that it’s uncovered.

Step 6: Put together The Grip

Subsequent, you’ll take the brand new grip that you’re going to placed on the club and putt the grip solvent into the within of the grip. There’s a gap on the butt finish of the grip that you’ll want to carry closed along with your finger.

Upon getting your finger in place, put some grip solvent within the grip after which put your different hand on the opposite facet. Transfer the grip round in a spiral movement in order that the solvent coats the within of the grip.

Upon getting completed this, take the solvent that’s left over within the grip and pour it on the tape that you’ve ready on the shaft. Holding a small cup or bucket beneath the shaft when you do that will comprise a great portion of the mess.

Step 7: Slide The Grip On

Now that your grip is ready and the shaft is ready, you possibly can slide it on. I like to carry the butt finish of the club with a towel as I slide the grip on. This enables extra solvent to enter the towel as a substitute of throughout me!

As I slide the grip on, I all the time attempt to place myself behind the grip so I can make sure that it is happening squarely. It’s doable to regulate the grip a bit whenever you first put it on, however, it’s not straightforward to do.

Sliding the grip into place on the proper angles is vital and can assist guarantee your consistency on the golf course with a sq. putter grip. The underside line right here is that the grip ought to enable the face of the putter to be sq. to the goal at setup.

Step 8: Clear Up and Wait

Upon getting the brand new grip on, it’s time to wipe down the grip to take off any extra solvent. As well as you’ll also want to wait somewhat bit earlier than utilizing the grip. Should you use it too quickly, it will possibly flip a bit, and that’s an issue.

More often than not, for a set of iron or driver regrips, we are saying to attend not less than 12 hours, however for a putter grip, because you gained’t swing a putter with the identical power, an hour or so after regripping, you have to be prepared to make use of the putter on the course.

How Typically to Regrip Your Putter

For avid golfers, a putter regrip must be completed not less than every year, and typically much more usually. Putter grips don’t put on down fairly as shortly as the opposite golf equipment in your bag just because they aren’t held as tight whenever you swing.

Nonetheless, when your putter grip is slippery and doesn’t enable you that traction and tackiness that you just want in your recreation, it can lead to some missed putts.

Regripping a putter also needs to be completed whenever you wish to change the grip model. Many individuals are switching to an outsized golf grip to make sure their palms and wrists are rather less lively within the placing stroke.

Other Options If You Don’t Want To Regrip Your Own Putter

Should you not wish to regrip your individual putter, you possibly can deliver it to an area golf store or club fitting center, and they’ll do it for you. It’s vital to keep in mind that this may probably price a bit extra, however, it will possibly prevent the mission of getting to take care of regripping the putter yourself.

More often than not, a putter regrip like that is going to cost from $10 to $40, depending on the grip you select. Typically bigger putter grips are costly.

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