How Far You Ought to Be Hitting a 5 Wooden (Primarily based On Ability)

How Far You Should Be Hitting a 5 Wood (Based On Skill)

I don’t carry a 3 wooden in my bag.


A 5 wooden has all the time been extra forgiving and versatile for my recreation, and it continues to be the higher match. Hitting a 5 wooden from the tough, fairway, and even the tee is comparatively simple in comparison with the three wooden.

Should you’re new to having a 5 wooden in your bag or simply questioning for those who’re getting all you possibly can out of your membership, then I’ve all the information you want. An beginner golfer clearly gained’t get the identical distance that PGA Tour gamers do, however the 5 wooden can nonetheless produce 200 yards or extra.


How Far You Ought to Be Hitting a 5 Wooden

A 5 wooden can journey a wide range of distances primarily based in your swing pace, your timing, your accuracy, and many others. As well as, the membership that you’ve got in play can even impression the whole distance you hit the ball.

One other class to have a look at is a participant handicap. The vast majority of decrease handicap gamers get extra distance than learners.


A newbie golfer who’s new to the sport could hit some actually nice photographs with their 5 wooden; the issue turns into consistency. Newbies wrestle with hitting the golf ball within the middle of the clubface.

If you miss the middle of the face, you possibly can’t get as a lot distance.

Many learners even have a barely slower swing pace as they’re nonetheless attempting to learn to strike the ball. When you’re apprehensive about totally different positions in your swing, the flexibility to swing quick diminishes.

Ultimately, learners see distances within the 170 to 180-yard vary with their 5 wooden. Some newbie golfers come from different sports activities and are extremely gifted, and clearly these learners may see 200 yards.

Excessive Handicap

Excessive handicappers wrestle with consistency simply as a lot as newbie golfers. The excessive handicappers can have barely extra swing pace and get somewhat additional enhance however anticipate yardages to nonetheless be in that 185-195 vary.

Mid Handicap

The mid handicapper is the common golfer. If in case you have been round plenty of golfers, you’re conscious that some mid handicappers have unbelievable distance functionality. Nonetheless, these gamers usually wrestle with one thing like their quick recreation, and that retains their scores up.

The mid handicapper normally considers the 5 wooden to be the 190-205 yard membership. The golfers which might be nearer to the decrease finish of the mid handicap vary usually see the membership constantly fly over 200 yards.

Low Handicap

Low handicap golfers are inclined to have the most effective probability at lengthy distances with the 5 wooden. Keep in mind, the 5 wooden is somewhat little bit of an extended membership than the irons, and subsequently it turns into somewhat tougher to stay correct all through the complete swing.

With the low handicap golfer, the additional shaft size just isn’t an issue so long as the shaft flex is correctly matched to their recreation.

Low handicappers get 200 yards or extra with the 5 wooden. Most of them are within the 210 to 215-yard vary. Low handicappers discover that the ball flight produces a barely increased launch when hitting the 5 wooden from a tee, so longer distances may be noticed.


When to Use Your 5 Wooden

A 5 wooden occurs to be a extremely versatile membership. It’s full of distance-producing know-how in addition to forgiveness.

From The Tee

On a shorter par 4, the 5 wooden makes an awesome choice off the tee. The probabilities of hitting the 5 wooden straighter than the motive force and retaining it in play are fairly excessive. I just like the 5 wooden for canine leg holes, the place positioning is extra necessary than complete distance.

Keep in mind that from the tee, you might discover a bit extra roll from the 5 wooden. As well as, hitting the middle of the clubface and making cleaner contact is less complicated from the tee field.

Some gamers admit to getting nearly as a lot distance as their driver on a day that they’re combating accuracy from the motive force. The 5 wooden is only a nice golf membership for retaining the ball in play and growing the possibility of being within the fairway.

From The Fairway

As an strategy shot to the inexperienced on an extended par 4 or a par 5, the 5 wooden could be a nice membership to hit. I warning you that with the loft of this golf membership and the decrease spin, it would be best to let it land simply in need of the inexperienced and have it roll as much as the pin.

Some decrease handicap golfers that may put plenty of spin on a shot will generate spin from tight lies, however most gamers gained’t.

From The Tough

The 5 wooden is without doubt one of the greatest fairway woods for hitting out of the tough. When hitting out of the tough, your swing pace shall be barely decrease because the tough slows you down. As well as, there are occasions that hitting can deloft the membership and go away you with a shot that solely travels just a few yards.

Fortunately the 5 wooden has simply sufficient loft and stability within the membership head to assist golfers get additional distance even when hitting out of a foul lie.

I cannot attempt to hit a 5 wooden if the golf ball is fully buried. Nonetheless, for those who can nonetheless see it, and the ball is sitting up prefer it ought to anticipate that the 5 wooden shall be a wise selection.


Different Golf equipment That Might Substitute a 5 Wooden

Should you don’t share the identical love on your 5 wooden that I do, then there are different choices on the market for you. The 5 wooden usually has 19 levels of loft; listed below are another golf equipment that gamers are attempting.

3 Iron

The three iron is the least forgiving of the alternate options to a 5 wooden. Nonetheless, some nice gamers discover that the accuracy of the three iron makes it an awesome selection for them. A low-lofted iron is troublesome to launch, so you might need assistance with ball flight and maximizing distance.

Barely slower swing pace gamers discover that once they transfer from a 4 iron to a 3 iron, they usually see no change in complete distance. This can be a signal the three iron just isn’t the most effective match on your recreation.

3 Hybrid

The three hybrid is the obvious different to the 5 wooden. Though there are some efficiency variations between hybrids and woods, it is very important perceive that a few of this comes down to private choice.

Strive hitting with each the 5 wooden and the three hybrid and see which supplies you higher outcomes.

I’ve all the time discovered that the three hybrid is best out of the tough and that the 5 wooden is greatest for getting these few additional yards of distance.

As well as, the three hybrids may be extra correct if you’re going after a pin.

Utility or Driving Iron

The utility iron is similar to the three iron besides that it has a wider sole and much more forgiveness inbuilt. The utility is greatest for golfers with increased swing speeds preferring one thing aside from the look of hybrids or fairway woods.


Suggestions for Hitting Your 5 Wooden Additional

It’s frequent to need extra distance out of your 5 wooden. In reality, for those who discover that your common distance is beneath what it must be on your swing pace and handicap, listed below are just a few ideas for getting that 5 wooden to fly additional.

Test Ball Place

The ball place when hitting a 5 wooden must be barely ahead of middle. Not till the ball is simply ahead of middle are you able to get the right impression positioning and outcomes. Ball place is such a straightforward adjustment to make and might have a huge effect.

Assume About Extra of a Sweeping Movement

Take extra of a driver swing with the 5 wooden. In case your swing is steeper and has a descending blow prefer it does with an iron shot, you’ll wrestle with distance on the 5 wooden.

I all the time strike the bottom after I hit an awesome 5 wooden shot, however the divot may be very shallow, and typically even simply seems like I brushed the grass.

Guarantee You Have The Proper Shaft on Your Golf equipment

A customized golf becoming may help you identify if you’re enjoying with the right golf shaft. Should you don’t have a shaft that matches your golf swing pace, it isn’t simple to maximise your distance.

Not solely are there flex-related issues with the shaft, however there is also weight and even torque points.

Shaft becoming could be a little difficult, however gamers that wish to maximize distance will vastly profit from investing in a shaft-only becoming. I extremely suggest this you probably have a clubhead you like however really feel as if you’re lacking out on distance.


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