A Newbie’s Information To Driving The Ball

A Beginner's Guide To Driving The Ball

Mastering to find out how to drive a golf ball generally is a daunting prospect, and golfers of all skills can battle by utilizing the driving force.

However, this shouldn’t be the case. When used appropriately the driving force may be essentially the most helpful and fulfilling membership to swing.

Apart from being very spectacular, being able to drive effectively means relying much less on your quick sport to get you out of hassle and might elevate your sport to a brand new degree.

So, whether or not you’ve by no means held a driver earlier or are a seasoned golfer trying to recap on the fundamentals, you’ve come to the best place.

This text will cowl the 5 crucial components of finding out how to drive a golf ball:

  • What makes the driving force so completely different?
  • How one can arrange for driving
  • The Downswing and Influence

You’ll quickly see that utilizing the driving force may be made easy, and with some follow, you may flip these bogies into birdies!

What’s completely different in regard to the driver?

To know to find out how to efficiently drive in golf, it’s essential to first have a bit of data in regards to the membership itself, and why it’s completely different from your different golf equipment.

The driving force is the longest membership in any golf bag, which means much more pace may be generated when swinging it. It’s additionally the membership that has the least quantity of loft. 

Shorter distance golf equipment like mid to excessive irons have a number of lofts to assist carry the ball into the air, however, longer distance golf equipment like the driving force want much less.

These two traits imply that this membership permits essentially the most distance, however, requires a distinct swing method.

In contrast to irons, you may hit down on the ball and depend on the membership’s loft to deliver the ball into the air.

As an alternative, you want to bit hitting up the ball when making contact with your driver, to get that flight. This is without doubt one of the most essential issues to remember when beginning to use the driving force.

How To Drive A Golf Ball

1. How To Drive A Golf Ball – Driver Setup

Organizing appropriately when driving in golf is without a doubt one of the most essential components of a profitable shot.

The setup majorly influences the best way that you’ll hit the ball, and there are fairly a number of essential variations in the case of the driving force.

You’ll be able to examine that you’re organizing appropriately by recording yourself.

Take a look at an image or video of your setup place from front-on and side-on, and see which issues you will have and haven’t acquired right. Repeat this till you may tick each of those steps off.

A. Stance and ball place:

Very like the opposite components of the setup, your driving stance and ball place might be tailor-made to assist create an upward strike angle, while sustaining your steadiness.

To search out the proper place, have your toes collectively immediately at the entrance of the ball.

From right here, the lead foot (left when you’re right-handed) ought to transfer barely towards the goal, in order that the ball is in step with the within of your foot.

Transfer your rear foot backward sufficiently to steadiness and assist your physique.

It is best to discover your toes barely wider than shoulder width, and the ball noticeably additional forwards than regular.

Guarantee that, along with your membership face behind the ball, the shaft is at all times pointing straight in the direction of you and isn’t angled in any route, in order to not add or cut back loft.

B. Physique Tilt:

As a result of the ball’s additional forwards, you would possibly naturally really feel like your rear shoulder needs to dip barely. Enable your physique to do that!

The main shoulder ought to be greater than the rear to help in creating the upwards angle impression that’s wanted by a driver.

To realize a great physique tilt, slide your hand down the facet of your rear leg till you may simply contact the facet of your knee. This may aid you to reach the desired shoulder angle.

This higher physique tilt might be essential and can be maintained all through the swing till impression.

How To Drive A Golf Ball: A Beginner's Guide To Driving The Ball 1

C. Distance from the ball:

As a result of the size of the membership, utilizing the driving force in golf goes to require barely more room between you and the ball.

Slightly than permitting your palms to hold freely under your chest, like with an iron shot, your palms ought to be hanging inline along with your chin.

This may create a slight stretch outwards and can permit optimum motion and freedom when swinging.

D. Positioning the tee:

The driving force is the one membership that requires you to tee up the ball each time you utilize it.

The tee elevates the ball to assist create an upward angle when the membership strikes the ball.

Every driver and tee Is completely different, so there is no such thing as a precise peak that ought to at all times be used.

As a rule of thumb, place the tee at a peak in order that, when the membership head is rested on the bottom at the entrance of the ball, half of the ball is above the membership head.

How To Drive A Golf Ball: A Beginner's Guide To Driving The Ball 2

2. The Backswing

Now that you simply established a powerful setup, you need to have the ability to rotate right into a backswing without undoing all of that good work.

The important thing to the backswing when utilizing the driving force is that you simply proceed to remain behind the ball.

In case you may draw an imaginary line from the ball straight as much as your physique in its setup place, the road ought to be around your main ear.

All through the backswing, your physique shouldn’t transfer forwards into this line, however, don’t overcompensate and transfer your physique again an excessive amount of, as this can cut back your steadiness.

Convey your driver straight again and round your torso by rotating your higher physique and shoulders. Within the high half of the backswing, you may start to rotate your hips to get to that ultimate place.

At midway, the driving force ought to be parallel to the bottom with the arms totally prolonged. The driving force ought to then start to maneuver across the torso till your higher physique feels prefer it’s coiled.

The driving force’s path ought to be via the physique, as a substitute for upwards or beneath.

Doing all of this while staying behind the ball creates the ability, which you’re now able to ship within the downswing.

How To Drive A Golf Ball: A Beginner's Guide To Driving The Ball 3

3. The Down Swing and Influence

From the highest of the backswing till impression, hold your arms prolonged and unwind the physique, swinging via the ball in an upwards sweeping movement.

It’s essential to maintain the physique behind the ball all through the motion.

Don’t swing utilizing the arms, hold them straight and permit the physique to do the work.

As you impression the ball, the shaft angle ought to be virtually fully straight, simply because it was when organizing.

It is the best intention to strike upwards into the again of a golf ball, sustaining the lean in your shoulders.

Moreover, to have the ability to hit the ball straight and with all of the pressure out there from the driving force, you’ll want to make an impression with the ball as near the middle of the club face as attainable.

A good way to examine that is by both marking the ball with a felt tip or by spraying the membership face with any kind of powder spray (athlete’s foot spray works finest) simply earlier than you strike the ball.

This may go away a short-lived mark on the driving force’s face and you may see precisely the place you made an impression with the ball.

Intention to be getting the ball close to the middle as typically as you may, and you ought to be driving the ball rather a lot straighter.

how to drive

4. Comply with By means of

You would possibly suppose the work is completed now, however, the ultimate aspect of driving a golf ball is a sturdy and steady follow-through.

Watching a few of the finest drivers on the earth, you’ll discover that all of them maintain a sublime end. That is the result of an efficient and balanced supply of energy via the ball.

After the impression, proceed to stretch your arms across the physique and rotate your hips via. It is best to switch your physique weight in the direction of the main facet.

This shift in physique weight tends to result in the rear heel lifting off the bottom. That is the place you will note that typical golfer’s ending stance.

It is best to end with extra weight in your left-hand facet, a full physique rotation, and full steadiness. 

In case you’re not capable of maintaining your ending place for a lengthy after driving, then this can be a signal of an unstable swing, and it’s doubtless you’re making an attempt to hit the ball too onerous.

Swing easily with the intention to comfortably maintain your ending place till the ball lands. When you are able to do this constantly, start to construct up pace and energy whereas sustaining that steadiness.


Now you’re prepared to start out working towards finding out how to drive a golf ball, and that’s precisely what you want to do!

Driving in golf is a talent that requires a nice method and might take years to excellent, so hold a cool head and don’t be discouraged if issues don’t go as deliberately immediately.

Begin by getting yourself to a driving vary and spend a while working towards all 4 components: the setup, backswing, downswing, and compliance with via.

Keep in mind to maintain the physique tilted behind the ball whilst you coil up that energy, unwind via impression swinging up on the ball, and also you’ll be on monitor to hit some nice drives!

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