6 Key Steps to Fix Your Over The Top Golf Swing

6 Key Steps to Fix Your Over The Top Golf Swing

Swinging excessive is an issue that so many golfers wrestle with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re model new to the sport or have been enjoying your complete life; getting a swing path that may be a bit excessive is one thing that must be fastened.

For some golfers, an easy swing thought can have you ever in your solution to sq. shots. Nevertheless, for many gamers I’ve labored with, a mix of drills, coaching aids, and good old school observe have been the one methods to repair your excessive golf swing.

Check out my six key steps to lastly repair your excessive golf swing, and begin swinging via the golf ball with confidence.

Step 1: Document a Video

Step one on this course of might appear to be a easy one however each professional golfers and common golfers which have executed it would let you know it’s a should.

Begin by recording a video of your golf swing.

One of the vital difficult issues concerning the sport of golf is that we will’t see the golf club once we swing. Making an attempt to find out the place the swing path or swing airplane is wont’ be straightforward. Nevertheless, with trendy know-how, a fast video will allow you to see fairly a bit.

So many gamers say to me, “I don’t know the best way to diagnose the video.”

I perceive you could assume that’s the case. Nevertheless, likelihood is it is possible for you to to see a substantial amount of what you’re doing flawed. Additionally, you need this video as a comparability while you end fixing your excessive swing.

Take two movies with the assistance of a buddy. One of many movies must be down the road; one other must be a face on video.

In case you don’t hit the large slice that has been bothering you, file a number of swings so you have got some proof of the issue.

Step 2: Examine Your Setup

The following a part of this course of is to take a look at the obvious errors within the sport. Gamers who’ve their grip, toes place, shoulder line, hips, and even their head place flawed at setup.

So many gamers wish to repair their excessive swing by engaged on their angle into the ball, their rotation, or guaranteeing they make a great transition. These are all vital however are you setting your self as much as get to this place?

In case your toes and your shoulder traces are crossed, straight shots are laborious to attain.

We all know that training your setup and stance is kind of boring in comparison with different issues on this listing; it’s nicely value getting this down earlier than you try to repair one thing which will or might not even should be fastened.

Step 3: Good The Takeaway

The takeaway of your golf shots must be low and gradual. Taking the club again with simply your arms, swinging again actually quickly, or forgetting that vital transition between backswing and downswing may cause poor shots and an excessive swing.

Most golfers wrestle on the high of the swing, however, there are points at first of the swing that may trigger this downside.

The golf takeaway is usually missed by newbie gamers.

One in every of my favourite swing suggestions for golfers engaged on their takeaway is to take a small blade of grass or perhaps a leaf and place it just some inches behind the ball.

In your backswing, ensure you might contact with this. To take action, you’ll have to have interaction your decrease physique, hold the arms out of it and guarantee you’re having the golf club and the physique work collectively.

Step 4: Get To The Inside

Now that the fundamentals are out of the way in which, it’s time to do the precise work to repair your excessive golf swing. There are two issues you might want to take into consideration right here, getting the club path extra on the within and guaranteeing the club face is rotated in order that it’s sq. at affect.

The primary a part of this course of is guaranteeing a extra inside club path. This club path encourages a golfer to maintain their proper elbow (right-handed golfer) extra linked all through the swing. The appropriate elbow ought to even really feel as if it’s touching your physique as you make your transition on the high of the downswing.

One of many easiest and finest drills for that is to place a golf glove or perhaps a towel underneath your proper armpit and guarantee it stays in place as you make a great transition.

One other drill to think about right here is over-exaggerating the within to out swing path. Most golfers that come excessive have an out-to-in swing path. What this sometimes appears like is a golf club that begins coming down with the arms and shoulders from the highest of the swing.

The club by no means seems to drop into place and fill in that area that you just created with a great rotation.

Exaggerating this transfer so that you just really feel as if you’re coming approach inside on the method to the ball is an efficient solution to get your decrease physique sequence labored out and really feel what you might want to do.

Once you return to hitting balls, likelihood is you gained’t be exaggerating almost as a lot, and you’ll really be within the right place. Some gamers that wrestle with this frequent downside of coming excessive will add an exaggerated inside method to their pre-shot routine.

The following factor to work on is the club face angle. In case you get to the within, however your club face just isn’t sq. to the goal line, the shot gained’t work out. Most golfers wrestle to rotate their forearms.

Step 5: Coaching Aids to Assist

Feeling this inside-to-out path and eliminating the excessive swing airplane will probably be laborious for some gamers. When you have been swinging like this your complete life, you gained’t repair it with one good swing. In truth, it would take fairly a little bit of effort and time to work this out.

Among the finest choices for fixing coming excessive is to make use of alignment sticks or one thing just like the Eyeline Velocity Entice. All you might want to do with an alignment stick is ready it within the floor at an angle simply above the golf ball.

The purpose is to swing underneath this alignment stick. In case you swing excessive, you’ll hit the alignment stick.

Begin with gradual swings right here, as you gained’t wish to make contact with the alignment stick and damage your self.

The Eyeline Velocity Entice is one other glorious gadget that means that you can see the correct path and ultimately results in golfers having a sq. face at affect. The most recent launch of the Eyeline Velocity Entice makes it a lot simpler to make use of the gadget with out harm to your club or your self.

I really like the visible advantages of a instrument like this.

Once you head out to the golf course, you’ll be able to make certain that your thoughts is in the precise place and that you’re ready for what affect place ought to seem like.

6 Key Steps to Fix Your Over The Top Golf Swing

Step 6: Switch to The Course

As a golfer (and trainer of the sport) who has had points with swing path up to now, I understand how it will possibly really feel easy to repair points on the vary after which a wholly completely different scenario to repair them on the golf course.

You aren’t alone on this frustration of transferring information to the course.

One of the simplest ways I’ve discovered to assist this concern is to work on making your driving vary observe extra just like the course.

Most newbie gamers head to the driving vary with a bucket of 75 golf balls after which simply begin firing away. That is, after all, not the answer. Even should you do come nearer to fixing your excessive swing, likelihood is you have got ignored different points that could possibly be creating inconsistency.

As an alternative, take a while to work on the drills we talked about. Hit ten or twenty golf balls utilizing the drills. Then take out a coaching assist like alignment sticks or a path coach and work with that for some swings.

The thought is that you’re constructing the muscle reminiscence to then use when the stress is on.

As soon as you are feeling such as you perceive the movement, you need to begin placing stress on.

Choose a goal and attempt to hit it simply as you’ll on the golf course. In case you miss the inexperienced due to a slice, likelihood is you have been excessive. In case you hook it or draw it, perhaps you got here just a little too removed from the within.

Make a psychological notice of this shot after which transfer to the following one. Don’t stand there and rapid-fire golf shots; it will get you nowhere. Make your observe just like the course, and the whole lot will transition to the course independently.

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