5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid: Which Club Is The Best For You?

5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid: Which Club Is The Best For You?

Which club must you choose between a 5 wooden vs 3 hybrid? That could be a query steadily requested by readers, trying to find consistency on lengthy shots. In this article, I clarify the right way to decide the appropriate club for you.

On high of the gap skills of every membership, I examine their middle of gravity (CG), second of inertia (MOI), and shot-stopping energy. Plus, I have a look at the most effective club choice of the deck and the tee and advise which club is greatest for windy situations.

Those that want fairway woods might discover our publish on the variations between a 3-wood and 5-wood.

Overview of The 5 Wooden vs 3 Hybrid

Golf Monthly means that the typical loft angle of a 5-wood and 3-hybrid is 17 to 19-degrees. Consequently, it’s possible you’ll assume that they produce the identical launch, ball flight, and distance., however the development of the golf equipment result in various outcomes.

For instance, PXG explains that amateurs benefit from the hybrid’s shorter size as a result of it’s much like an iron, requiring the identical setup. Due to this fact it’s simpler for newbies and high handicappers to strike the golf ball constantly.

Conversely, the longer shaft on a 5-wood is simpler to swing on tee shots, and it gives elevated workability and yardage over the hybrid golf membership. However, it’s much less forgiving than a hybrid from the tough and different undesirable lies.

Though I’ve examined many hybrids in my life, and personally, I want a 5-wood. That’s as a result of I’ve used one for over 25-years and was swinging it lengthy earlier than hybrids hit the scene. Plus, I’m not keen on their alien-like profile.

Nonetheless, regardless of my private emotions in direction of hybrids, I can not deny that they’ve been revolutionary in aiding amateurs and professionals. Optimum turf interplay, MOI, and a high launch enable you to constantly get the ball airborne.

Variations Between a 5 Wooden and a 3 Hybrid


A 5-wood and 3-hybrid share an identical loft profile and lie angle, which in idea would produce the identical end result. Nonetheless, hybrids function a shorter shaft than a 5-wood and a clubhead with elevated offset to advertise straighter shots.

As well as, Tour Expertise Golf (TXG) explains {that a} hybrid has a large, deep face that produces excellent forgiveness on heel and toe mishits. This function minimizes sidespin that prompts a slice or a hook, resulting in improved accuracy.

Contrarily, the thinner, compact head profile of the 5-wood produces speedy ball pace whenever you catch it within the candy spot, leading to added distance. Nonetheless, the decreased forgiveness in comparison with the hybrid can lead to nasty slices or hooks whenever you don’t get it proper.

Shaft’s Length

The common size of a 5-wood shaft measures 42.5”, two inches greater than a typical 3-hybrid.

Within the check performed by TXG, they discovered that the longer shaft delivered speedy ball pace, further spin, and a steep shot-stopping angle. Meaning it produces a better launch for optimum carry distance and a steep descent for optimum shot stopping energy.

In distinction, a 3-hybrid produced a low ball flight, with decreased spin and a shallow descent. Consequently, the ball launched and rolled additional than a 5-wood.

The shaft’s size additionally impacts your stance and, the place you place your golf ball. You will want to position the ball nearer to your entrance foot when establishing with a 5-wood, in comparison with a 3-hybrid.

You’re in all probability satisfied {that a} 5-wood is the superior choice, and I might agree. It flies longer and stops sooner, supplying you with added control in your lengthy recreation. Nonetheless, it’s not all rosy.

The participant who examined the hybrid and fairway wooden within the TXG video is a superior golfer who strikes the ball like a champion. Due to this fact he doesn’t require important forgiveness in his recreation. The story is totally different for beginner golfers.

In the event you usually strike the ball within the heel or toe of the membership, it’s possible you’ll recognize the added forgiveness of a hybrid. The additional MOI and straighter ball flight will maintain you in play. In the event you mishit the small profile 5-wood, you may lose important distance and accuracy.


A 2021 article by Golf Month-to-month means that the typical loft of a 5-wood is 18-degrees. The common 3-hybrid has a touch greater loft than a 5-wood, averaging 19-degrees.

Ball Speed

The thinner face of a 5-wood prompts it to generate accelerated ball pace off the clubface, serving to you improve your distance. Within the check by TXG, the 5-wood generated 4-mph extra ball pace than a 3-hybrid.

Though the pace is marginally sooner, it may possibly enable you to obtain just a few further yards. That every one is dependent upon the extent of backspin rpm and the situations you’re taking part in in.

Trackman explains that ball pace is vital to further size. Nonetheless, when your spin charge will increase, it may possibly ship greater ball flight and scale back yardage. The flight causes the ball to descend steeply and cease shortly, lowering roll.

Spin RPM

In response to Trackman, spin charge influences the apex and distance of your shot. Producing extra spin may cause you to balloon your strike and lose yards. Conversely, too little spin results in a highly low launch and lack of carry distance.

On this TXG video, the 5-wood produced near 600 rpm extra spin than the 3-hybrid. As soon as once more, the distinction is marginal, but it surely did mirror within the launch angle, greater trajectory, and steep descent. The 5-wood launched at 14.3-degrees in comparison with the hybrid’s 13-degrees.

Regardless of the elevated spin, the 5-wood solely landed 1-yard shorter than the hybrid. Plus, each golf equipment averaged 10-yards of roll. Due to this fact, the general end result is identical, however the best way the balls get there may be vastly totally different.


Regardless that trendy fairway woods are full of recreation enchancment know-how to spice up forgiveness, a hybrid is superior on this division. The heavier clubhead on the hybrid produces elevated MOI to optimize forgiveness.

The MOI works to provide straighter shots and scale back the chance of a slice. Most rescue golf equipment function a barely offset profile, which inspires proper to left ball flight, or a draw. Encouraging this form limits the sidespin that prompts a fade form.


Regardless that the 5-wood generated elevated ball pace, its greater spin charge decreased its carry and whole distance. Nonetheless, it was solely 1-yard off the hybrid in each cases. The hybrid carried 244-yards and rolled a further ten. The 5-wood carried 243-yards and in addition rolled ten extra.

Total, the outcomes have been minimal between the 2, which you’d count on when utilized by a strong golfer.

Which Club Typically Hits Further?

In idea, it’s best to hit these golf equipment an equal distance. Nonetheless, that comes right down to your swing pace and ball-striking capability. In the event you generate adequate tempo in your downswing and strike the ball cleanly, it’s best to hit each these golf equipment at an identical distance. The ball will get there in numerous methods.

Much less constant ball strikers with slower swing speeds might hit a hybrid additional than a 5-wood. That’s due to its superior forgiveness and wider profile. Finally, a newbie or high handicap golfer is extra more likely to constantly hit lengthy shots with a hybrid or driving irons in comparison with a fairway wooden.

Nonetheless, low handicappers or professionals ought to obtain comparable outcomes distance-wise with each golf equipment.

Which Club is Easier To Hit?

Definitely, a hybrid is simpler to hit than a 5-wood due to the added forgiveness it supplies. Whether or not you strike it high or low, or within the heel or toe, you’re going to get the ball airborne and revel in acceptable carry distance.

Moreover, the offset profile of a hybrid helps you generate straighter shots for improved accuracy.

Do You Need Both Clubs In Your Bag?

No, you don’t want each golf equipment in your golf bag. In the event you carry each of those golf golf equipment, it could impression your number of wedges. Having extra lengthy golf equipment means it’s good to sacrifice a wedge, which hurts your brief recreation efficiency.

How to Pick The Right Club For You?


The perfect port of name to find out the appropriate club on your recreation is forgiveness. In case you have not mastered the artwork of ball placing and mishit the odd shot, you have to a forgiving lengthy membership. One which compensates for off-center strikes to ship constant distance and accuracy.

Within the TXG check, the topic Matt produced a median facet angle of 0-degrees, which means he was placing his 5-wood constantly within the candy spot. That’s the reason he loved straighter ball flight.

Whenever you catch a 5-wood off the heel or toe, it may possibly create undesirable facet spin that causes a slice or hook. Golfers on this place are greatest suited to a hybrid that delivers supreme MOI for constant distance and accuracy.

Launch Angle

In case you are pursuing a high launching ball and constant carry distance, it’s possible you’ll wish to take into account the 5-wood. However, it’s good to strike it within the candy spot to attain this.

Decrease and mid handicappers can deal with the decreased forgiveness of a 5-wood however, newbies and high handicap golfers ought to persist with the forgiving hybrid for consistency.

Backspin RPM

It could be to the detriment of gamers who naturally generate extra spin to play with a 5-wood. The extra backspin might result in ballooned shots and a lack of distance and control in your lengthy recreation.

Whereas a hybrid might provide constant spin and pace to provide a piercing launch, these gamers higher go well with a 3-iron.

Slower swinging golfers who battle to induce adequate pace and spin-off the face will profit from the consistency supplied by the hybrid.


The ultimate issue to contemplate when a 5 wooden vs 3 hybrid is accuracy. Take into consideration your shot dispersion charge. In different phrases, when you hit ten balls, how far aside do they land from each other? Balls that finish far aside from each other spotlight erratic dispersion and inaccuracy.

The easiest way to beat that’s to discover a forgiving club that gives consistency, even when you mishit your shots. The perfect instance of such a golf club is a 3-hybrid reasonably than a 5-wood.

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