5 Professional Ideas To Hit Straighter Drives

The motive force is among the many most enjoyable and enjoyable golf equipment in any golfer’s bag, however, gamers typically hesitate to use it – some have doubts about their means hit a driver straight.

All too many golf balls have ended up within the ruff or misplaced from a driver shot gone astray, and typically it appears safer simply to hit an extended iron and ensure you’re in play.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be that means!

Unlocking the potential of the driving force can take your sport to an entirely new degree and by familiarising yourself with the fundamentals and practicing, it doesn’t should be so laborious.

There aren’t any secret suggestions or strategies for driving that may immediately have you ever hit straighter; like all the pieces in golf, mastering the driving force will take apply.

Figuring out the basics of what makes a driver go straight, and having them in thought when practicing is the important thing to bettering your driving accuracy.

This text will stroll you thru the necessities of hitting the driving force straight, in addition to some easy drills and tricks to steer you in the best course when practicing.

The 5 key driving concepts lined will likely be:

  1. Aiming
  2. Strike location
  3. Ball place
  4. Membership face course and grip
  5. Swing path

So, whether or not you’re new to the sport or a seasoned golfer trying to refresh your reminiscence, these fundamentals will likely be of huge assist in the direction of driving straighter in golf, and also you’ll be hitting extra fairways very quickly…

1. Aiming accurately

No, this isn’t a joke!

It’d sound like the obvious strategy to hit straight drives, however, many gamers don’t understand that they’re not truly aiming for the best course.

One of the best ways to examine the place you’re truly aiming your shot when driving (and with different golf equipment) is to examine your toes are parallel to the place you need to go.

Set yourself as much as hit the shot, and place your driver on the bottom alongside each toe.

When you’re aiming accurately, the driving force ought to be pointed exactly to the place you need to propose.

When you wrestle with this, and your toes typically aren’t aiming the place you imply to, you’ll be able to attempt aiming for one thing a bit nearer.

Standing behind the ball, discover one thing that’s completely in keeping with, however lots nearer than your goal. This is likely to be a leaf or a stick on the bottom.

Now, while you come to set yourself as much as hit the ball, purpose for this nearer object, and it ought to be a lot simpler.

How To Hit A Driver Straight

2. Hanging the center of the membership face 

One of the many largest influences on ball course when driving is the situation the place the ball strikes the clubface at contact.

Merely put, the nearer to the middle of the membership face that you simply make contact with, the much less possible you’re to hit a shot that curves away from your goal.

When you’re making contact with the ball at the toe of the membership, you’ll usually see the ball go from proper to left. You will have heard this being known as a hook in golf.

Then again, hanging the ball with the heel of the driving force will result in the ball curving from left to proper. In different phrases, you’ll hit a slice.

This received’t be easy in a single-day repair; perfecting this may take several times and apply – as with most issues in golf.

To enhance this side of driving, it may be useful to monitor your strike location.

You can do this with athlete’s foot spray, a sticker on the membership face, or something in any respect that may end in a mark being left on your driver’s face to indicate the place the ball made contact with the membership.

Seeing precisely the place you make contact with the ball is extremely helpful. Use this software to experiment and decide what works so that you can get an extra central strike location.

When you can enhance this side of driving whereas not deviating from the basics too drastically, you’ll drive a lot straighter, way more typically.

How To Hit A Driver Straight

3. Discover the best ball/physique place

How far off the ball is positioned from you on the tee can be essential when driving.

This distance influences the place the ball impacts the membership face and subsequently, the course that your ball will likely be pushed.

When the ball is positioned too far off from you, you are typically reaching for the ball for an excessive amount. This typically causes a hook.

The ball is just too shut and will feel and look equally as uncomfortable and can typically end in a slice.

Equally, having the ball positioned too far ahead or too far again inside your stance may even end in undesirable curvature in your shot.

As a rule of thumb when driving, the ball ought to be positioned simply in keeping with the within of your lead foot, and at a distance from you so that when gripping your driver your fingers are hanging in keeping with your chin.

Above all, discover the place that feels most comfy for you, and make sure you don’t feel a clumsy distance from the ball.

For an extra element on the perfect driver setup, take a look at the newbie’s information to drive the ball.

How To Hit A Driver Straight

4. Correcting your membership face course 

One other widespread reason behind misdirected drives is that, on the level of contact with the ball, the membership face will not be pointed within the appropriate course.

You are likely to be aiming completely together with your physique and be doing all the pieces else accurately, but when the membership face will not be pointed in the identical course, the ball won’t go be going straight.

The most important effect of that is the grip. In case your grip is just too robust, you’ll shut down your membership face. Alternatively, a grip that’s too weak will open up it up.

The best grip when driving will enable some mobility within the wrists while guaranteeing the membership face is squared at effect.

Mobility within the wrists means that you can generate the mandatory membership head pace for driving, however, an excessive amount of and the membership face will likely be pointed to the following fairway.

For mobility, the membership ought to be resting in your fingers, quite than within the palm of your hand.

Moreover, you don’t need to be stretching your hand or thumb an excessive amount when gripping the membership. This tends to trigger the wrist to lock up.

Now, to seek out the proper place for an impartial grip when driving, have a look at the crease between your thumb and index finger on each finger.

Guaranteeing the grip nonetheless feels comfy, these creases ought to be pointed in the direction of your proper shoulder, however not previous it.

It is a good reference level for a grip that’s neither too robust nor too weak.

With this grip, the membership face will likely be saved as straight as attainable in the course of the swing and with minimal adjustments in the course.

How To Hit A Driver Straight

5. Swing path 

Swing path is the course that your membership takes when swinging by the ball, and is integral to hitting a driver straight.

As a way to hit a straight shot, you want the membership head to be shifting as straight towards the goal as attainable when approaching and hitting the ball.

As soon as once more, this may occasionally come throughout as apparent, however, very often in golf, it’s the apparent issues that make all of the distinction.

If the membership is coming into contact with the ball from an angle, you’re going to create curvature within the ball’s flight.

So how will you enhance your swing path to hit straight drives extra typically?

When practicing your driving, discover two objects that you simply don’t thoughts getting hit together with your membership. Head covers are very best, as they’re tender and also you’re prone to have already got them with you.

No matter the two objects you utilize, place them on both facets of the ball to create a gateway so that you can hit by, within the course of your goal.

How To Hit A Driver Straight

The aim ought to be to swing straight by the objects without hitting both of them. If you can do this, you’ll not create curvature within the ball.

Golfers who typically hook the ball (proper to left) will are likely to hit the left object, and people who slice (left to proper) will hit the best.

By practicing driving the ball by this gateway, you’ll quickly be capable to see in case your swing path is appropriate, and you can also make changes relying on which object you are likely to hit.

This is a wonderful strategy to refine one of the crucial essential parts of a straight dive.

And there you may have it! You now have the 5 fundamentals of driving straight to contemplate when practicing.

Preserve these essential concepts in your thoughts while you’re swinging, use the drills to assist, and your ball will likely be flying a lot straighter!

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