3 Tricks to Lastly Get Rid of Your Chicken Wing Golf Swing

3 Tricks to Lastly Get Rid of Your Chicken Wing Golf Swing

The Chicken Wing golf swing has by no means actually been a fantastic look.

To be trustworthy, once you see golfers chicken winging, it’s actually tough to even say “good shot” or “appears to be nice.”

Though this frequent flaw doesn’t hold all gamers from hitting shots, it’s vital to begin to do away with the chicken wing, because it typically means there are different issues within the swing.

To repair the chicken wing, we now have to rewind a little bit and have a look at what’s inflicting it.

What Is a Chicken Wing Golf Swing?

The chicken wing golf swing (for a right-handed participant) is once you swing by way of the golf ball, and your left arm creates a chicken wing kind movement. The arm doesn’t rotate because it ought to, and it actually falls out of place in comparison with the proper arm.

What Causes a Chicken Wing in a Golf Swing?

Many golfers assume the chicken wing in a golf swing is created after impression. After all, that is the place it’s seen, however, it isn’t essentially what triggered the problem to come back up.

As an alternative, issues like hips swaying on the backswing, poor motion towards the goal, and arms dropping their extension by way of impression are vital causes.

Arms Dropping Their Angle

Do you realize the outdated tip to maintain your left arm straight? It’s by no means defined appropriately, and most professionals will shake their heads when a newbie involves them with this left arm that may barely even transfer.

Nevertheless, there’s something to be stated for maintaining the left arm straight by way of the impression place. In case your arms begin to bend and get a little bit too free, the chicken wing is the error you will note comes up.

Arms by way of impression ought to keep sturdy and prolonged.

Swaying on The Backswing

Swaying in golf isn’t good.

To get the correct efficiency, you must make a pivot, not sway. Golfers who have hassle rotating and shifting their weight will usually discover themselves able the place they should catch up or manipulate the clubhead in order that it’s sq..

The very last thing you wish to take into consideration as you get in the direction of impression is the angle of the clubface. Just be sure you pivot appropriately and that there’s a lot much less pondering that must be performed.

Lack of Weight Shift and Hip Rotation at Impression

Nice gamers can flip their hips towards the goal at the impression. The burden-shifting is essential as it’s going to create energy in not solely the swing but additionally consistency in how the club is delivered.

Nice gamers have their hips shifted extra towards the goal at the impression. This transfer permits golfers to rotate their arms extra successfully. The hips begin to rotate, creating a room within the swing for the arms to rotate by way of as they need to.

Without this weight shift and hip rotation, gamers can really feel caught. After all, the caught movement solely makes it more difficult to get your arms into that closing place, and the dreaded chicken wing exhibits up.

It’s a good suggestion to slender down what’s inflicting your chicken wing golf swing earlier than you try to start out fixing it. The repair that you simply select ought to be one thing that’s immediately associated with the trigger.

3 Tricks to Get Rid of Your Chicken Wing Golf Swing

Now that you’ve got the reasoning behind your chicken wing, it’s time to get rid of it. This isn’t a swing repair that may occur with only one shot. I might extremely advocate heading to the vary with the flexibility to video your golf swing.

Typically the visualization of what the chicken wing golf swing appears to be like like prior and what it appears to be like like after you make your adjustments will allow you to guarantee these fixes keep in place the following time you hit the golf course.

1. Enhance Arm Connection

One every one of our favorite drills that may assist repair fairly a number of swing flaws is one that permits your left arm to remain a bit extra related. You should use this drill if you’re additionally fighting an over-the-top movement on the downswing.

The primary part of this course is to only take your typical setup. Then you’ll put a golf glove or perhaps a golf towel underneath your left armpit (for a right-handed participant). This might want to keep in place as you do that drill.

Subsequently, you can begin taking some half swings in the place you don’t even hit the ball. Simply make a transfer again and thru that ensures that the glove or towel doesn’t fall out.

I might then attempt to hit a number of shots like this. Stick to one thing just like the 8 iron or pitching wedge, so that you don’t have to fret about forgiveness or launch within the club. The shots usually are not meant to go far. As an alternative, they only educate on the significance of connection and what that seems like.

2. Comply with By way of Solely Drill

One other nice drill for eliminating the chicken wing golf swing is one which works on the comply with by way of solely. As an alternative to taking a backswing, you’ll begin at your setup place after which simply go to a full comply with by way of.

To do that, it’s essential to push your physique a bit and nearly pressure it to get into the correct place. The comply with by way of solely drill ensures that you simply don’t take a chicken wing golf swing, as you’ll really feel the arms rotate appropriately as much as the highest of the swing.

With the comply with by way of solely drill, you wish to just remember to are additionally transferring all your weight to the left facet.

I might do that on about 4 to five occasions, then take a full swing and hit a shot. It is best to really feel the muscle reminiscence begin to develop and push your physique into the correct place.

3. Alignment Sticks to Assist

We talked regarding the greater issues associated with the chicken wing golf swing. Issues like swaying on the backswing and never rotating your arms. Nevertheless, there are additional points with the essential setup and stance that may trigger issues within the swing.

When practicing on the vary, make certain to convey some alignment sticks with you.

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To repair this downside, specifically, guarantee that your stance shouldn’t be closed. Arrange alignment sticks for each stance and ball place.

As well as, if you’re snug along with your alignment sticks, it’s also possible to set one up behind your proper hip. The hip must rotate, not slide or stumble upon the alignment stick that’s secured into the bottom.

Alignment sticks are very versatile, so they assist with quite a lot of swing points. When you’ve got a chicken wing golf swing and are uninterested in hitting shots with an open clubface, or people who lack distance, take a while to be taught totally different drills with an alignment stick, and you’ll doubtless discover it simpler to carry out on the course.

Some gamers are discovering that an alignment stick holder is simpler for them to make use of when practicing on mats. For the hip rotation drill, that is undoubtedly the case. You’ll need to have the ability to place the alignment stick within the floor for it to be efficient and create that wall of assist.

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